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President Sarah Keeney called the meeting to order at 2:00 pm, and thanked all who were in attendance and those who had helped  her so much during her first year.  She noted that much had been accomplished in 20209, including security cameras, smoke detectors, work on the Bailey house, as well as Kid’s Day at the Park and an awesome Brunch and Mineral Show.  A copy of her complete report is attached.

The roll was called, showing fourteen (14) members present.

The Curator’s Annual Report for 2020 was presented by Carolyn Holt.  When asked if she had anything to add to the report, Marcie Hall advised that there were 147 volunteer hours recorded.  This is in addition to the hours volunteered by board members.  A copy of the entire report is attached.

Third Vice President, of  Fundraising Gail Spann reported that the second Brunch and Minerals fundraiser, held in August of 2020, was a great success.  For a $50.00 fee, guests were able to view some 14,000 minerals, enjoy a delicious brunch and be eligible to receive door prizes.  Gail said that money for the event came from all across the country.  The affair will be held again in 2021, with a special door prize – a trip to Arkansas with the Spanns,  dinner with mine owners and a trip to the dig. Because of the COVID,  fundraising events had to be limited, but the organization still made a lot of money.  She proposed a dinner complete with historical costumes as a possible fund raiser for this year.

First Vice President for Membership, Amanda Ravetta was unable to attend, but sent her report, showing a total of 135 members.  A copy of her report is attached.  Gail added that Amanda is considering an award for lifetime and business members to be placed in the museum.  She would also like to have appropriate coloring books made for local restaurants to give out to children customers as well as stickers for business members to place in their store windows.

Treasurer Kaaren Mahoney submitted  the Treasurer’s Report, saying that the organization has some funds left over from 2020.  President Keeney added that the check received from the Paycheck Protection Plan was a great help in that respect.  A copy of the Treasurer’s Report is attached.

Secretary Jan Johnson reported that she had turned over her records to the new secretary.

Mark Russo and Mike Donegan gave a synopsis of programs for the coming year, providing that in-person meetings can be held this year.

Director Evan Tate reported on plans for the year, noting that the windmill has been repaired.  The next project in the works is some form of landscaping around  the windmill to make it secure and discourage those who tend to climb on it.  Other projects include getting the hitching post brought to the museum site and repair to the carriage house (which needs bids).  He will follow up with the City of Rockwall concerning their offer to improve drainage on the property.

Sarah recognized those leaving the board – Ty Phelps, Jan Johnson, Jessica Larsen as well as Kaaren Mahoney, who will be leaving soon.  Gail offered her thanks to those who have helped her during her first year on the board.  Evan also thanked these people who have helped him and the organization.  Sarah joined in, citing Jan Johnson and Dick Clark for especially helping her.

Sarah presented the Quarterly Award to Gail Spann for her unfailing generosity to RCHF.

Jerry Wimpee accepted the Outstanding Individual of the Year award from Mark.

Sarah introduced those new to the board – Mike Donegan, Vice President, Programs;  Peggy Atterberry, Secretary;  Johnny Myers, Director and Gracie Fowler,  Director.  These four were installed in office by Mark Russo.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:40 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Peggy Atterberry, Secretary


Rockwall County Historical Foundation Board Meeting Minutes

December 1, 2020

The meeting was called to order by President, Sarah Keeney at 12:07 p.m. Sarah welcomed Johnny Meyers, a potential board member for 2021, to the meeting.

Secretary, Jan Johnson, emailed the minutes of the November meeting to the board prior to the meeting. Jerry Wimpee made a motion to approve the minutes, Gail Spann seconded the motion and the minutes were approved.

Kaaren Mahoney, Treasurer, emailed the treasurer reports to each board member prior to the meeting (see attached). All taxes for the year have been paid. Kaaren is working on the 2021 budget.

Amanda Ravetta, VP of Membership had nothing to report.

Gail Spann, VP of Fundraising asked that those on social media help by mentioning donating to the Foundation and providing a link to our website to make it easy.  She also mentioned grant writing in the new year and repeat of the October fundraiser.

Corresponding Secretary, Connie Tate had no correspondence during the past month.

Grounds and maintenance, Evan Tate: Sarah reported that there is a quote to fix the back door of the Bailey House. Carolyn Holt reported that the door is leaking water. There is an electrical issue in the Museum. These repairs are urgent and should be paid from the monies from the 2020 budget. Depending on the cost, an email will be sent for a vote to approve these repairs. Several companies were mentioned to contact for a bid on the electrical repairs. Carolyn will seek quotes. Sarah will touch base with Evan about other maintenance issues.

Curators’ reports were emailed to each board member. (see attached) Marci Hall reported that we are getting several rentals for the gazebo and Bailey House. The Museum has been decorated for Christmas. Carolyn Holt thanked Gails Spann for donating a new office chair for the museum.

Old Business:

The zoom call for voting on the 2021 board nominations was not well attended. Evan Tate made a             motion that we send an email to all members asking them to vote by 15 December, seconded by Jerry  Wimpee; the motion passed. Gail Spann will follow-up to see that the email is sent.

The Policy and Procedure Committee has met to discuss issues to be addressed and updated. They will  bring the changes to the board as they are firmed up.

New Computer: An email vote was taken to approve the purchase of a new computer and the security    system. The purchases were approved unanimously.  Sarah ordered the computer and it should arrive   soon.  Thanks to Dennis DeJano for doing the research on what we need to update our system.  The     security system has also been ordered from Simply Safe. Sarah had extensive communication with the    company representative concerning covering the museum and the Bailey house. This system includes    both security, smoke detection and has a panic button to alert authorities if our Curator feels           unsafe.

Sheriff’s Posse recap, Marci Hall: Everyone that helped seemed to think this was a successful venture.  It was discovered that our pop-up tent has seen its last days. Gail suggested that we purchase a new   tent and a banner to display in future events.

Glen Hill Cemetery oral history: Carolyn Holt worked with the group. Sarah Keeney has also                  communicated with them.

2021 HOT grant: We received the full amount ($9,334) that we requested.  Three thousand was            requested for history which is for exhibits from Humanities Texas, $1800 for gazebo painting, and the      rest is for signage for all structures.

Sarah asked that we work on putting together a calendar for the whole year to be posted on our              Website as early as possible. Additional events can be added as they arise.

New Business:

Annual meeting: January 17th @ 2 p.m.  The plan is to meet via ZOOM.

Kaaren Mahoney is working on the 2021 budget.

Board Members present: Sarah Keeney, Jennifer Drake, Kaaren Mahoney, Amanda Ravetta, Gail Spann, Jerry Wimpee, Evan Tate, Connie Tate, Jan Johnson. Curators: Carolyn Holt and Marci Hall.

Absent: Jessica Larson, Mark Russo

Kaaren Mahoney made a motion to adjourn @ 2:02 p.m., seconded by Gail Spann. The motion carried.


Rockwall County Historical Foundation Board Meeting Minutes
November 3, 2020

The meeting was held via the GoToMeeting platform.
The meeting was called to order by President, Sarah Keeney at 12:00 p.m.
The minutes of the October meeting were emailed to each member prior to the meeting by Jan Johnson. (see attached)
A motion was made by Sarah Keeney and seconded by Gail Spann to accept the minutes with a correction as noted. The motion passed.
Kaaren Mahoney emailed the Treasurer’s report to each member prior to the meeting. (see attached) Kaaren noted that we received $243 for North Texas Giving Day. She also made not that the amount in her report for event expenses covered 3 events, two which had no income. The expenses for the Brunch and Minerals were $1,260.30. The 2019 tax return due Nov. 15th is ready to be filed. The officer’s and director’s insurance has been paid.

Committee Reports:
Membership: Amanda Ravetta was absent. Jennifer Drake has been working with her on trying to get renewals from previous individual memberships that were on the roster from 2017-2019 that have not renewed. They are also planning to contact businesses that have not renewed.
Programs: Mark Russo. The SSLS is on hold until January.

Fundraising: Gail Spann reported that she plans to ask persons who come to tour her mineral collection to please donate to the foundation.
Corresponding Secretary: Connie Tate stated there was no correspondence to report.
Grounds and Maintenance: Evan Tate is putting together a list of all need repairs and will seek bids. He is also working with the City to solve drainage problems.
Youth Advisory Council: Ty Phelps reported that we have 3 additional members. The members will tour the museum in November to choose artifacts to be included in their video. Ty and her family will power wash and paint the outhouse after Evan makes repairs.
Curator’s Reports: were emailed prior to the meeting by Carolyn Holt and Marci Hall (see attached) Carolyn reported that Teresa Palmer is heading up a project to evaluate the Glen Hills Cemetery property and would like to have some RCHF board members involved. Mark Russo reported that he has met with her about the project. Carolyn reported that she has met with an Eagle Scout about refinishing the County Historical Markers. Marci and Carolyn met with Anna Campbell with the City Diversity Council to collect relevant items. Kaaren Mahoney remarked that Marci did an awesome job keeping records at the Brunch and Minerals event.

Old Business:
Nominating Committee: Mark Russo reported that the recommendation for the full board has been filled as follows:
President – Sarah Keeney, President-elect – Jennifer Drake.1st Vice President of Membership – Amanda Ravetta, 2nd Vice President of Programs – Mike Donegan, 3rd Vice President of Fundraising – Gail Spann, Treasurer – Kaaren Mahoney, Recording Secretary – Peggy Atterberry, Corresponding Secretary – Connie Tate, Directors: Jerry Wimpee 2021-2022, Ty Phelps 2021-2022, Evan Tate 2021, Johnny Myer 2021, Ex-officio – Mark Russo
Kaaren Mahoney made a motion to accept the slate of officers as recommended, Gail Spann seconded the motion. The motion passed. There will be a virtual meeting for the membership to vote.

Quarterly Carolyn Francisco Award: Mark Russo nominated Gail Spann seconded by Evan Tate. The motion passed with Gail abstaining.
October 17th “Kids Day in the Park: Sarah Keeney reported the event was very successful with 250 people in attendance which was double the number from 2019.
Workers Comp Insurance: Kaaren Mahoney any action was tabled.
Monitored Fire Alarm Quotes: Carolyn Holt is waiting on a return call for a quote on wireless monitoring.
Restructuring Initiative: Sarah Keeney wants a committee to work on policies and procedures. In the future she would like to have a committee for strategic planning.

New Business:
Volunteers needed for upcoming events/projects: Sarah Keeney
Sheriff’s Posse booth, Nov. 7 Gail and Sarah volunteered for the morning shift and Marci
will be there all day. Jennifer Drake will do afternoon.
Glen Hill Cemetery oral history Sarah and Carolyn will work on that.
Replacement of Museum Computer, malware and digital backup: Sarah Keeney expressed the need for update our equipment and software. Gail will get her son in law to make recommendation about equipment.
2021 HOT Grant project review: Sarah Keeney the grant was approved.
Signage project committee is needed for outdoor signage. Gail Spann will research a sign to highlight when we are open. HT Exhibit and art display panels

Discuss dates for next year’s events: Sarah Keeney want us to have a calendar of events at the beginning of the year that can be sent to the membership.
Curator’s off-site pay: Kaaren Mahoney brought up that the curators sometime run errands for the foundation. A decision on this matter was tabled. There was a lengthy discussion about paying for this extra time. There was also discussion about holiday pay. A motion to be closed on the holidays with pay for curators was made by Kaaren and seconded by Gail. The motion passed.
Evan Tate brought to our attention about the cook books the Foundation had put together in the past. He suggested we compile a new one for fundraising
Next Meeting: December 1, 2020 @ 12:00 p.m.
Adjourn: Gail made a motion that we adjourn seconded by Evan at 1:45 p.m. The motion passed.
Members Present: Sarah Keeney, Gail Spann, Kaaren Mahoney, Evan Tate, Jennifer Drake, Ty Phelps, Connie Tate, Mark
Russo, Curators: Marci Hall, Carolyn Holt
Absent: Jan Johnson, Jerry Wimpee, Amanda Ravetta, Jessica Larson


Rockwall County Historical Foundation Board Meeting Minutes

October 6, 2020

The meeting was held virtually on Go to Meeting platform

The meeting was called to order at 12:04 p.m. by President Elect, Jennifer Drake.

She reported that the HOT grant request for $9,334 had been approved by the City. The County grant has been approved and will come through the Historical Commission again this year.

Approximately 25 visitors on Constitution Day.

Secretary, Jan Johnson, emailed the minutes prior to the meeting. Two corrections were made to the official minutes. Gail Spann made a motion to accept the minutes as corrected, Kaaren Mahoney seconded and they were approved.

Treasurer, Kaaren Mahoney, had emailed the treasurer’s report prior to the meeting. The tax return is in progress and will be e-filed by October 15th.  Mark Russo made a motion to accept the treasurer’s report, seconded by Jerry Wimpee, the report was approved without objection. (see attached)

Committee Reports:

Membership, Amanda Ravetta: Jennifer Drake and Amanda Ravetta will be meeting to discuss plans for a membership drive.  After some discussion, Kaaren Mahoney made a motion to raise the individual dues to $25 and family dues to $50, the motion was seconded by Jerry Wimpee and the motion carried with Mark Russo descent. Carolyn Holt will update all printed material to reflect the change. The membership committee will work on business membership dues and incentives.

Program, Mark Russo: Bobby Summers wants to delay his program until we are able to have in person meetings. Mark has recorded a 30-minute talk by John Browning about the Constitution that he will put on You Tube.  There was a lengthy discussion about how to handle the SSLS for the remainder of the year.  Kaaren made a motion that we postpone all lectures until next year, seconded by Evan Tate, the motion passed with objection by Mark Russo.

Fundraising, Gail Spann: An extensive, detailed report was given by Gail about plans for the “Brunch and Mineral” fundraiser.  Jennifer Drake will check to see if we can still get a booth for the Aspaisans’ Event. Evan Tate, offered to carve out a space in his booth for RCHF.

Corresponding Secretary, Connie Tate: Connie will email a report of all correspondence to the Board.

Ground and Maintenance, Evan Tate: We are waiting on the City to schedule a date to erect the windmill, the base has been approved.  He is still working on drainage problems; still trying to determine the origin; Marci has a call into the city for help. A scout has expressed interest in working on the drainage problem. The material for the skirting for the Bailey house has been purchased.  Evan reported need for repair to the Tenant House. Evan suggested we make a list of needed repairs and seek bids for all repairs by the same person. A vote will be taken my email when bids are received. There are funds available. The Cotton Patch is very successful this year.

Youth Advisory Council, Ty Phelps: The YAC members and National Charity League are going to help with “Kids’ Day in the Park.” They have several projects they are working on.

Curator’s Reports, Carolyn Holt, Marci Hall: North Texas Giving Day raised $250. Carolyn and Marci both emailed their reports to the board. (see attached).

Old Business:

Nominating committee, Mark Russo: No report.

Carolyn Francisco Award, Mark Russo: No report

October 17th, Kids’ Day in the Park, Carolyn Holt: Plans are well underway. Gail will bring tables and will bring pop up tents. A motion was by Evan Tate to pay Tim Byrf $400, seconded by Ty, for his appearance at the event. Motion passed.

New Business:

Hiring an Accountant, Gail Spann: We do have an accountant. We do have a yearly review, but have not had an audit. Kaaren will research hiring an accountant and bring it back to next meeting.

D & O Insurance; Worker’s Compensation Insurance, Kaaren Mahoney: New D&O for $550/ year is in place with Travelers. There was some discussion about Worker’s Compensation insurance; a vote was tabled until next meeting.

Restructuring Initiative:

Procedures & Protocols, Jennifer Drake: Gail Spann suggested updating bylaws and job descriptions.

Strategic Plan for 2021, Gail Spann:

Gail Spann made a motion to adjourned, Seconded by Jerry Wimpee at 2:30 p.m.

Next Meeting: November 3,2020 at 12:00 noon

Board Members Present: Evan Tate, Jennifer Drake, Gail Spann, Jessica Larson, Connie Tate, Ty Phelps, Jerry Wimpee, Jan Johnson, Mark Russo Amanda Ravetta  Curators: Carolyn Holt, Marci Hall. Absent: Sarah Keeney


Rockwall County Historical Foundation Meeting Minutes 

September 1, 2020

The meeting was called to order at 12:02 p.m. by President, Sarah Keeney. Sarah introduced new board member, Amanda Ravetta, who is replacing Amanda Torres as VP of Membership.

She also reported that the Humanities Texas mini grant was denied. The grant was to help pay for “Kids Day in the Park”.  In response to the denial, Gail Spann pledged $1000, and Jennifer Drake pledged $500 to support this event. At this time there is no response from the City concerning our application for the HOT grant.

The Property Insurance has been confirmed.

Secretary, Jan Johnson, emailed the minutes of the August meeting to each board member prior to the meeting. Two corrections were made. Mark Russo made a motion to approve the minutes with the corrections, seconded by Gail Spann, the motion passed without objection. (see attached)

Treasurer, Kaaren Mahoney emailed the treasurer to each board member prior to the meeting. Mark Russo made a motion to accept the treasurer report, seconded by Jessica Larson, motion passed. (see attached)

Ty Phelps updated the Board on the progress of the Youth Advisory Council. They had their first meeting of the new school year via Zoom and have another scheduled for September 12th. They now have a high school, middle school, and elementary school group. The youth dues are $10.

Jennifer Drake brought asked if anyone had information about the County funding for the Foundation. Mark reported that in the first draft, the funds were still listed as requested.

Mark Russo, interim VP Programs, reported he has planned programs concerning 9-11 and the Constitution. All programs will be done via Zoom until January.

Amanda Ravetta, VP Membership, asked for some guidelines for the position.

Gail Spann, VP Fundraising, funds for the camera have been received. There was discussion about placement of the camera at the tenant cabin.  Plans for the Brunch are progressing nicely. She asked that the board push the event on all social media.

Connie Tate Corresponding Secretary: Connie has sent several thank you notes, etc. She will email a list. (see attached)

Jerry Wimpee reported on the Memorial Committee: The committee is gathering background information before making decisions about future memorials.

Ground & Maintenance: Jerry Wimpee reported that a foundation was built by the Parks Department for the windmill. The Chief Engineer is concerned about the integrity of the foundation. We are waiting on a letter from a structural engineer certifying the foundation.

Curator’s Report, Carolyn Holt and Marci Hall: Reports were emailed prior to the meeting. (see attached). Additionally, Carolyn brought to our attention that our insurance requires we have smoke alarms. She has been researching monitored alarms.

Old Business:

Dick Clark memorial essay contest winners to be announced at Family Day, September 19th.  Mike Donegan will be reaching out to the schools to encourage entries of students to write about the Constitution.

Family Day: Blessings of Liberty Family Day. Please share on social media.

New Business:

Nominating committee for 2021 board members: Board Members: Gail Spann, Mark Russo Membership: Marci Hall.

Square Terminal: To buy the terminal cost $299 per year. Gail Spann made a motion to purchase the square, Kaaren Mahoney seconded the motion. Passed.


Events in the Bailey House:

“The Blessings of Liberty” September 1-30, 2020

Family Day, September 19, 2020 from 11am-2pm

Brunch & Minerals, October 10, 2020

Kids Day in the Park, October 17, 2020 from 10am-2pm

Next Meeting: October 6, 2020, 12pm

Motion made by Jan Johnson, seconded by Jerry Wimpee to adjourn @ 1:08 pm

Board Members present: Sarah Keeney, Gail Spann, Kaaren Mahoney, Jessica Larson, Jerry Wimpee, Mark Russo, Ty Phelps, Amanda Ravetta, Jennifer Drake, Connie Tate, Jan Johnson   Curators: Carolyn Holt, Marci Hall

Absent: Evan Tate


Rockwall County Historical Foundation Meeting Minutes

August 4, 2020

The meeting was called to order at 12:01 p.m. by President, Sarah Keeney. The President’s report was made available to all members prior to the meeting. (see attached)

Sarah highlighted a few points from the President’s report: The HOT grant and County grant request have been submitted.

Insurance for the property was acquired from the Wimpee Agency after the board approved this action online.  Gail Spann made a motion, seconded by Kaaren Mahoney that we raising our property value on the new policy as recommended by the agency; the motion passed without objection.

We have received several memorial gifts in honor of Scott Self and Dick Clark.

Mike Donegan with the American Legion would like RCHF and the Legion to have a joint memorial to honor Dick Clark. The board was in agreement and set a date of Tuesday, August 18th 5:30-6:30 p.m.  A motion was made by Mark Russo, seconded by Evan Tate to also honor Dick Clark with the quarterly Carolyn Francisco Historical Preservation Award; motion passed without objection.

There was a lengthy discussion on how to honor Scott Self.  Jerry Wimpee suggested that we have something more permanent than we have done in the past.  A committee headed by Jerry Wimpee with members Evan Tate, Kaaren Mahoney, and Mark Russo was formed to come up with a way to honor Scott and others that have made great contributions to the Foundation.

The minutes of the last meeting were emailed to board members for review prior to the meeting.  Mark made a motion to accept the minutes with one correction, seconded by Gail, and approved without objection.

Kaaren Mahoney, Treasurer had emailed the report prior to the meeting (see attached). The reports were accepted as presented.  Kaaren will check with Wimpee Insurance Agency about Workers Compensation.

Committee Reports:

Membership: Amanda Torres resigned.

Programs: SSLS- Mark has volunteered to step in to the VP of Programs position for the remainder of the year. He will create a Zoom account so we can have our program even during the pandemic.

Fundraising: Gail did a fundraiser for the Security Cameras and did get more than enough to cover the cost.  They have been installed and working. Brunch and Mineral fundraiser: three $500 tables have been sold to date. Evan is going to help with the cooking.  Evan’s drive in movie event raised $1000.

Public Relations, Social Media: Sarah set up a Twitter account for the Foundation and a Hootsuite Account that connects all social media accounts together.

Youth Advisory Council Ty Phelps: There has been enough interest to separate into 3 age groups. They have continued with virtual meeting through the pandemic.

Corresponding Secretary, Connie Tate: Received several memorial gifts and sent sympathy cards, thank you notes and get well cards. Connie submitted a list of all correspondence via email. (see attached.)

Curator Reports, Carolyn Holt, Marci Hall: (See attached) Discussion about lack of marketing the “Front Porch Friends”.  The next time we have a presentation we need a sign at the end of the walkway to call attention to the event.

Old Business:

Windmill Update: Evan is on the way to pick up the windmill as we speak. It is scheduled to be installed by the City the week of August 10th.

Leslie Barrett Jamgochian Scholarship Fund: Sarah will follow up with her family to see what they have in mind. A committee will be formed to work with Mike Jamgochian.

New Business:

Vacant Board positions:  Jan Johnson made a motion. Kaaren Mahoney seconded to allow Sarah to appoint people to fill the positions. Motion passed.

A Family Day for September Humanities of Texas Exhibit on the Constitution, to encourage the kids to attend this event.  Mike Donegan suggested we have an essay contest for school kids. He will help with this event and a prize will be given for a winning essay.  A committee to judge the essays will be needed.

We need to choose a fourth quarter Carolyn Francisco Award recipient.


Thanks to Dennis, Gail’s son-in-law, for installation of the security cameras and working with Carolyn on this project.

The National Charity League volunteers, Mothers and Daughters, have been working our Bailey House Exhibits on Saturdays. Every Saturday is covered through the end of the exhibits. They will also help with “Kids in the Park.”

The Board Members have T Shirts available for promotion of the RCHF.

An updated aerial picture of Rockwall County will be installed in the Courthouse by the Rockwall County Historical Commission.

The Royse City Calaboose has been approved for an Historical Marker from the State.

Jessica Larson reported that the City of Fate acquired some of the historical items from the Old Fate Church. The Church has been donated to Fate if they can get it moved.

Upcoming Events:

“Wedding Capital of Texas” June 30- August 22, 2020

“The Blessings of Liberty” September 1 – September 30, 2020

Motion was made by Gail Spann to adjourn, seconded by Jan Johnson at 1:28 p.m.

Next Meeting: September 1 2020 at 12:00 p.m.

Board Members present:  Sarah Keeney, Gail Spann, Jennifer Drake, Ty Phelps, Evan Tate, Jerry Wimpee, Connie Tate, Jessica Larson, Mark Russo, Jan Johnson, Kaaren Mahoney.  Curators: Carolyn Holt, Marci Hall

Members Absent: Amanda Torres (resigned)