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SATURDAY, OCTOBER 9TH – Time 10:00am – 1:00pm
 1437 Gails Lane, Rockwall, TX 75087

    (Note: Do not go to Gail Lane in Royse City. The Spann home is on Old Millwood Road in Rockwall, 75087)

SINGLE TICKET: $50 EACH   –   TABLE: (8 tickets): $500   
  To purchase Individual Seats or Tables: Click here



Come dig with Jim and Gail Spann at the famous Fisher Mountain claim in Mount Ida, Arkansas! If you love Quartz then this is the trip you should go on! Avant Mining has graciously donated a PRIVATE dig for you and three guests as a raffle prize benefitting the Rockwall County Historical Foundation. 



DIG Details:

Raffle tickets are $75.00 each. We encourage you to purchase more than one! There is a location on the webpage for this particular raffle.

Join the Spanns in Mount Ida at a local hotel, two rooms included, where we will settle in and then join the miners for dinner, TBD. Dinner is on us! It’s a great time to hear the stories of this mine, the long history and the amazing finds from Fisher Mountain.

Next morning we drive ten minutes to the store front where you can buy special quartz labeled coffee, see various minerals for sale and meet some of the miners who will join us for the dig.

We then drive up to the mountain top ( it’s Arkansas, not Colorado! So not too high! ) We park and join in for a safety talk, then we are directed to where to dig. You will learn quickly about what to look for and how to extract the quartzes. Be prepared to get dirty as the soil is iron rich and makes for a rusty coating on you! This is a great opp for photos!

When we are done, we will go to the Avant mining warehouse and hose off the things you found. This is an adventure in itself! And yes, you WILL get wet!  But oh my, what you will see emerge will be amazing, and to think, you are the very first human being to ever see these crystals!

James will give us a tour of the facility. There are large bathrooms there, so you can clean up and change for the drive home.

We are often allowed to keep what we find with no charge, but if it is a magnificent piece then there will be a heavily discounted charge to purchase.

Mount Ida is a 4 ½ hour drive from Rockwall. If you are from out of town we encourage you to stay in a hotel in Rockwall to meet up with us for the drive. We can caravan there.

Jim and I are avid miners/diggers/ and known in the mineral community for getting dirty and loving it. We also have a collection of over 14,000 fine minerals we hope you will come see too.

We wish to thank Avant Mining/James Zigras for his donation for a private dig. This is an incredible adventure and well worth trying to win.

Looking forward to digging with the winners! Date will be determined by accessibility by all involved. Please no children under 15.

All our best, and best of luck!

Gail and Jim Spann

Rockwall, Texas






$75 each

To purchase: Click here
The curator of the Lyda Hill’s gems and minerals hall at the Perot Museum of Nature and Science, Kim Vagner, has offered a visit to the Museum for a tour of the hall, behind the scenes curatorial area and a private lunch in the top floor boardroom for a group of up to five. Gail Spann will also attend to talk about some of the Spann pieces on loan and to attend the lunch. This is a rare chance to see areas normally off limits to the public. The lunch in the board room also offers spectacular views of downtown Dallas. How fun to bring your friends, or family, along for this exciting adventure!
KIM VAGNER, Curator of Gems and Minerals














or 5 FOR $20

 To purchase Raffle Tickets: Click here

       Raffle tickets are for all MINERALS listed below.



A sweet combo of Calcite and Dolomite
from the Wenshan Mine, Yunnan Province, China.
                        Value: $80

   A combination piece with Smoky and
         Amethyst Quartz from the
     Goboboseb Mountains, Namibia
                      Value: 85.00
              A pair of Cabochons.
Left: 2.15 carat Turquoise with Pyrite
Right: Azurite and Malachite 4.70 carats
                   Value: $60






A rather heavy Fluorite polished sphere
from China. In good light you can see
green and purple highlights.
             Value $95

A rare oldie. Prehnite and Chabazite from Upper
    New Street Quarry. Patterson, New Jersey
                      Value: $55

A beautifully polished sphere.           

    Comes with stand.  $38