The Rockwall County Historical Foundation and The Rockwall County Historical Commission   

Present the 2021 Sheri Stodghill Lecture Series 


History lectures are presented on the 2nd Friday of each month at 12:00 PM.
Check this page for location. Admission is free and the public is welcome. Please join us!


MARCH 12    Bobby Summers and Lucille Bell are teaming together to provide an interesting and little-known history of Royse City and its schools.
APRIL 9        Justice of the Peace Mark Russo will discuss the statement:  “I came home, and my town was gone” with his stories of the “The Forgotten                                   Towns of Rockwall County.”
MAY 14th     There is a great untold history of the Mexican community in Dallas and the surrounding area.   Sol Villasana has written a history of Little Mexico                          in North Texas and will present the stories of this important cultural past.
JUNE 11      Local historian and storyteller Garvin Tate will enliven the audience with stories of Rockwall during the Civil War.   Garvin has chronicled exploits                        of the local units during several campaigns of the War Between the States.
Summer Break
AUGUST      The dynamic stories of how Churches have affected local, state, and in some cases National issues, will be told through the history of two                                   churches of Rockwall County.  The influence of Church on the Rock from Rockwall and New Hope Baptist Church will highlight the presentation.
SEPTEMBER 10    Chief Bear Who Walks Softly will give insight to the History of Cherokee Indians.   Chief Bear is a resident of Rockwall and has given                                              presentations though out the Nation about Indian history. His background and personal story are unique.
OCTOBER  8         Former County Commissioner Jerry Wimpee will present a unique and in-depth history of the Rockwall County Courthouses.  Complete                                       with little known stories of and back room discussions of the past
NOVEMBER 12     Past beloved Sheriff Harold Eavenson and Darrell Peoples will present stories of Rockwall Sheriffs and the Rockwall Sheriff Posse.
DECEMBER  10    Former Secret Service Agent Clarence Jorif will discuss his career and association with 4 former Presidents.
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